Saturday, 12 September 2015

Hard Disk is just like the heart of computer system, when your hard drive does not work properly. You will not be able to perform any work on the system. There are many instances in which the hard drive data get lost & become inaccessible such as virus attacks, MFT corruption, BIOS error, Installation of malware infected files from the Internet, inserting the dirty pen drive, mechanical damage to the hard drive, power failure, abrupt system shutdown, etc. In such situations when your Hard drive data is inaccessible and unreadable we require an effective and time saving solution.

However, there are a wide variety of data recovery software are available in the market for recovering data from hard disk but to choose the best data recovery software is a herculean task. An end user can search the best data recovery software through many ways.

1.Searching on top search engines with keywords like best data recovery software for recovering data from hard disk or top rated data recovery software for Windows, etc.
2.Testing data recovery software about how fast data is recovered and how much data is recovered using particular data recovery software.
3.Compare Cost of different data recovery software for windows and buy accordingly.

After performing all the important function related to research on best data recovery software for hard drive I have found that Windows Data Recovery Software is a perfect and best solution.
Intuitive software will efficiently recover data from all situations of data loss whether data is lost due to logical or physical failure, it can be easily recovered. This software is a well designed program which safely and securely recovers data from corrupted, formatted and deleted partition of hard disk.

It is a simple and quick process of recovering data of hard disk using Windows Data Recovery Software.

A user has to download the software on the system then execute the installation procedure. After doing all that you will have to select the right recovery mode from four recovery modes according to the type of the data to be recovered. Suppose you have selected the Quick scan mode. Then the software will provide the list of partition in the hard disk. Before selecting any partition, a user should have knowledge about the location of lost data so that recovery process can be performed on that partition. Now select the corrupted partition of the hard disk. Thereafter software search for the missing files and folders from the disk. Then a preview of the lost files and folder appears on the screen. In the last step the software saves the recovered files and folders to a location provided by the user.

Monday, 10 August 2015

A hard drive is a storage device that stores the valuable data. It is a combination of few circular disks that are stacked on each other. Hard driven is a magnetized storage area. Imperatively the hard drive has a lot of programs installed, such as Operating system, MS World, other application programs, etc. The hard drive is the crucial part of the system. However, all the important files of the system are stored on it. In any case if hard drive gets a crash, it will result in severe damage of the system files and all the data on the system get lost. To recover data from data loss difficulties, Windows Data Recovery Software is used.

How hard drive gets crash?
There are several causes due to which the hard drive gets a crash; some of them are classified as logical and some as physical failures.
Data loss due to physical errors
1. When the read and write head of the hard drive get crashed, it creates scratch marks on the magnetic storage device.
2. Excess heat produced inside the system, due to the slow running Fans.
3. It also gets crashed when there is a manufacturing defect in the hardware.
4. Sometimes this crash occurs due to power surges and electronic failure.
5. Mechanical failure is also one reason for a hard drive crash and it causes bad sectors of the data store.

Data loss due to logical errors
1. Master Boot record file error
2. Operating System errors
3. Data Deletion
4. Improper shutdown

Characteristics of hard drive failure
  • The Windows OS files are not accessible
  • The system does not recognize the hard disk.
  • A cracking noise is coming out from the system hardware
  • If you feel that your laptop is overheated.

The data loss results due to logical errors can be easily recovered by Windows Data Recovery Software. It is a simple and swift recovery process that endows secure and reliable recovery of deleted, missing, formatted hard drive files. Ingenious software involves implementation of simple steps to recover lost data. This software recovers data through three main steps such as searching, scanning, and recovery. It requires very less user involvement to recover deleted data.

Windows Data Recovery Software is the fascinating product of Recover Data Company. Significantly, the company has designed a lot of data recovery software to recover data from various Windows based devices.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Windows operating system is among the top OS, which is widely used by computer users. The reason is that the software is highly user-friendly and interactive. The data stored on this operating system is managed on hard drive as FAT and NTFS file partitions. But these partitions files get corrupted due to various conditions such as MFT corruptions, directory failure, virus intrusion, hardware malfunctions, partition formatting, etc. To overcome these critical situations Windows Data Recovery software is designed.

It is a completely automatic software with minimum user engagement. Software offers best outcomes in least time. Various kinds of files with different extensions can be recovered and restored at user defined location by this software.

The well designed software efficiently revive file and folders from corrupt partition of windows operating system such as Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, XP, 2000, 2003, Vista and Windows 7 and 8.

There are three modes to recover data in Windows. Quick Recovery Mode: it is the fastest and the first recovery mode in, which data the recently deleted data is recovered. This mode recovers files and folders deleted due to accidental deletion, logical damage, system failure, partition formatting, etc.

Exhaustive Recovery Mode: This recovery mode recovers data which is lost during hard drive formatting, broken directory entries, etc. It is used when Quick Recovery mode fails to recover data.

Raw recovery Mode: This mode also recovers data, which is not recoverable by Quick Recovery mode. Appropriate mode helps in retrieving files from damaged directory or file structure.

Disk Imaging: It is created to make an exact image of the disk at a particular point, which is efficient of being recreated into original disk contents. Disk imaging is proven to be advantageous for the storage media for bad sectors.

The Windows Data Recovery Software supports various hard disk drives such as MMC multimedia card, Secure digital card, Jet flash, Memory cards, etc.

Windows Data Recovery software is provided with a free trial version. To understand the functionality of the software and to evaluate the performance of software user can download and install free version of the software.

Preeminent features of the Windows Data Recovery Software

  • Expert software successfully recovers files and folders from FAT and NTFS File systems.
  • It is an important characteristic of the software that it restores the deleted data from recycle Bin or by shift+delete keys
  • Prime feature of the software is that it effectively restore the data from lost, formatted and missing partition.
  • This software quickly restores data, which is not recognized by Windows.
  • Powerful tool recovers data, which is lost due to formatted and missing partition.
  • Prefered tool recovers data from files and folders having long names.
  • Software is embedded with File Filter feature to recover specific files with different extensions

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Windows Operating System files and folders are essential for everyone. But rarely, computer system data and information are damaged due to spontaneous factors which are very catastrophic for our data. For these kind of corruption or deletion Recover Data designed overwhelming tool. With the help of this tool you can smoothly recoup corrupted data within couple of minutes.

If your data deleted from your computer system then how to retrieve your lost files within couple of steps?
Step 1:- Download free demo edition of Windows Data Recovery Software.

Step 2:- After downloading the tool, you have to install and launch the software on your computer system.

Step 3:- When you open the Windows Data Recovery Software then it shows four methods of recovery:-
  • Quick Recovery
  • Exhaustive Recovery
  • Raw Recovery
  • Disk-Imaging Recovery
You have to select one of them. Which is suitable for you.

Step 4:- After the selection of recovery mode, software shows all computer system drives. And now you can select all and particular drive for repairing data and information. And then click on “Next” button.

Step 5:- Then Windows Data Recovery Software display a preview of all corrupted, deleted and damaged files and folders. If you want to restore your data then click on “Save” button. You can save your repaired files and folders anywhere in computer system.

This is the complete process of recovery from top to bottom. It provides swift recovery without any technical knowledge or skills. It is easily implemented by the new or inexperienced users. It supports all edition of Windows Operating System.

This tool is also helpful in repair those data which is unrecognizable by the Windows Operating system. It supports both file system partitions FAT – File Allocation Table and NTFS – New Technology File System. If your data and information deleted by misstep through Shift + Delete key then you can easily regain your data.

Windows Data Recovery Software is an affordable tool and wrapped with advanced algorithm programming. This software works on latest and new technologies that is GFETCH – Guided File Excavation Technique and BSMR – Bad Sector Management and Recovery. Both technique helps in data recovery from deeply rooted bad sectors.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Technological development have made common masses technology era. Now, electronic devices can capture glimpse of legendary moment in the form of audio, video, picture. All we need is the soft copy of the data type, and they are accessible any time through different types of branded camera, memory cards, flash card, computers, smart phones, pen drives and various other storage devices of media files. But one cannot avoid that if technology is boon than it is bane too: as it can devastate your critical digital data at any point of time without giving any prior notice to you. As digital files can easily come under influences of virus attack, storage device corruption, software malfunctioning, data mishandling, and hardware distortion. All these factors corrupts files, hence it becomes inaccessible.

Top most reason of digital data corruption
Virus attack over the file can distort the data quality by overwriting the data or making them unresponsive
Physical damage can lead to the destruction of the device
Logical errors with the system or device application
Unhealthy fragmentation of partition installed on system
Improper system shut-down
Windows registry corruption
Over sizes data, exceeds the limit on the drive

How to salvage data from that disastrous situation
There can be several methods to ensure your data from getting lost forever by using several types of utility software available. But the most simple and easy solution to give long life to your digital media data is to use Vital Digital Media Recovery Tool. Technical expert relay on this tool because it incorporates efficiently to deal with every deterrent aspect arrive in the storage data and finally end up with cent percent recovery of the data.

Majestic feature of Digital Media Recovery Software
Efficiently recuperate all sort of crushed, debased, eradicated, and inaccessible or the corrupted media documents from the different storage devices.
The media recovery tool can without a doubt recover all the records of the photographs, videos, pictures or the music reports
Flexibility to deal with different file formats like Mp4, 3g2, AVI, MPEG, Divx, MKV, DV, et cetera, for their complete and accurate recovery.
Compete recovery of soundtrack arrangement like WAV, Mp3, WMA, AU, MIDI, AIFF, RM, OGG sound records.
Advance algorithm incorporated in this tool allow it to deliver the best outcome as per the experts
Simple GUI enables user to recover data without taking much user end effort

User can check the demo and trial version of the Digital Media Recovery Tool to test the recovery efficiency by launching the absolutely free version in their system. The simple and easy features of the tool help user to get connect easily without any prior assistance and recover their entire data in single short.