Monday, 13 July 2015

Windows operating system is among the top OS, which is widely used by computer users. The reason is that the software is highly user-friendly and interactive. The data stored on this operating system is managed on hard drive as FAT and NTFS file partitions. But these partitions files get corrupted due to various conditions such as MFT corruptions, directory failure, virus intrusion, hardware malfunctions, partition formatting, etc. To overcome these critical situations Windows Data Recovery software is designed.

It is a completely automatic software with minimum user engagement. Software offers best outcomes in least time. Various kinds of files with different extensions can be recovered and restored at user defined location by this software.

The well designed software efficiently revive file and folders from corrupt partition of windows operating system such as Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, XP, 2000, 2003, Vista and Windows 7 and 8.

There are three modes to recover data in Windows. Quick Recovery Mode: it is the fastest and the first recovery mode in, which data the recently deleted data is recovered. This mode recovers files and folders deleted due to accidental deletion, logical damage, system failure, partition formatting, etc.

Exhaustive Recovery Mode: This recovery mode recovers data which is lost during hard drive formatting, broken directory entries, etc. It is used when Quick Recovery mode fails to recover data.

Raw recovery Mode: This mode also recovers data, which is not recoverable by Quick Recovery mode. Appropriate mode helps in retrieving files from damaged directory or file structure.

Disk Imaging: It is created to make an exact image of the disk at a particular point, which is efficient of being recreated into original disk contents. Disk imaging is proven to be advantageous for the storage media for bad sectors.

The Windows Data Recovery Software supports various hard disk drives such as MMC multimedia card, Secure digital card, Jet flash, Memory cards, etc.

Windows Data Recovery software is provided with a free trial version. To understand the functionality of the software and to evaluate the performance of software user can download and install free version of the software.

Preeminent features of the Windows Data Recovery Software

  • Expert software successfully recovers files and folders from FAT and NTFS File systems.
  • It is an important characteristic of the software that it restores the deleted data from recycle Bin or by shift+delete keys
  • Prime feature of the software is that it effectively restore the data from lost, formatted and missing partition.
  • This software quickly restores data, which is not recognized by Windows.
  • Powerful tool recovers data, which is lost due to formatted and missing partition.
  • Prefered tool recovers data from files and folders having long names.
  • Software is embedded with File Filter feature to recover specific files with different extensions

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  1. Great post here! It's important to have a solution for recovering your data. You often don't realize how crucial all of your data is until you've lost it. Thanks for sharing this!