Tuesday, 31 December 2013

"I was never sure about changing my email platform, because transfer of data appeared a huge task to me. However, I was satisfied with the current Lotus Notes client that I was using for communication, yet was not happy with the complexities intact."
I am a Project Manager and I have to train a bunch of people every day and for that task the Lotus Notes did not look a fine choice. As it was hard to train on the email platform, I decided to switch to MS Outlook with less complexities. Easy-to-use Outlook proved boon to the new learners and the trainer as well. I was amazed to see the performance and was quite happy with my decision to change.

How did I transfer the emails from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook

I went for a reliable third-party NSF to PST conversion tool, which converted the Lotus Notes NSF emails into the Outlook PST email format. I did nothing but downloaded and installed the software on the PC. Thereafter, I selected to run the application and later on chose the converted files for restoration at a preferred location.

The overall procedures of conversion went smooth. Although, the online tool provider companies offer 24 hour support for its customers, I didn't need it at all. Thanks to the application providers and the NSF to PST tool that I bought.

Characteristic Features of the NSF to PST tool
  • Easy to implement by a novice 
  • Quick performance in short duration
  • Complete conversion and restoration of emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals etc.
  • Data integrity is maintained, as the attachments are restored in the respective format, such as video, audio and digital photographs
  • Supports Lotus Notes 5,6,7,8 and above
  • Compatible with Windows 32 Bit OS including Vista, NT, XP, Windows 7 and 8
  • Provide support for Outlook 2000 and above
Now I am running my own company more efficiently with more expeditious platform to communicate with my employees as well as customers.  

The process to find the best software was not very easy, but I managed to browse the most visited authentic sites for email conversion. Thereafter I checked the free demo of the application. When I was satisfied with the complete conversion procedures, then I bought the full version from the company site of Recover Data tools. Recover data NSF to PST conversion tool is well-known around the globe and therefore I purchased the application after going through the global client testimonials and reviews.

Friday, 27 December 2013

 "Why spend a huge amount of money on product insurance of technical gadgets"

About technical gadget insurance
We spend a huge amount of money on product insurance of technical gadgets. The insurance generally doesn't cover the whole amount and is prone to many loopholes. There are two types of insurance, one is the home content Insurance and the other is gadget insurance. However, the home content covers damages inside the home premises only, whereas gadget insurance covers  damages outside the house as well.  In addition, there are so many terms and conditions to follow.

The damage conditions of technology products

I remember when I was sitting in a restaurant and my soup spilled over the laptop, then I was not refunded the home content insurance money as it was damage outside the house. Therefore, I took a lesson not to buy any gadget or home content insurance, as my friends and colleagues also faced the same scenario by paying extra money at the end. Henceforth I analyzed the situation and tried to bring a holistic solution to the problem. 

Most of the situations of damages include water or any type of food or liquid contact, which results in severe damage to the saved data. We try to clean the porridge and wipe with dry cloth, while straining the water out with the averted laptop or the tablet computer.  Although there are other situations, such as voltage fluctuation, sudden power cut, data theft, logical error, virus attack and so on, resulting in  data corruption or data loss.

In such conditions a data recovery tool can save you a lot because the application is easy to use and quick in performance too. There are many data recovery websites, which cater to email recovery, file repair, database repair and many more. Out of many we need to choose the one, which suits our requirements.

Why a third party data recovery tool over Product insurance? 

Gita, one of my close friends bought a online data recovery tool and she was so much satisfied that she suggested everyone around to buy that. Thereafter I decided to get the one from an authentic site delivering original and licensed products. There may be various ways to choose the right tool for recovery, but what way I adopted was great and I thank God for that.

How did I find my recovery application? 

I browsed through different company websites and found it interesting to try the demo and then buy. The demo navigated through the recovery procedures, while the full edition restored the data files. For Windows OS recovery I bought the Windows recovery tool, while for Outlook recovery I preferred to get the OST to PST conversion application, which not only recovers, but converts the OST files in PST format.

My friends and I am a satisfied customer of Recover Data products. Recover data Windows data recovery tool and the Recover Data OST to PST email conversion tool are the most popular software worldwide. I am just happy enough to store more data recovery software, rather than buying unpredictable technical gadget insurance. 
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Thursday, 26 December 2013

 " I really enjoyed the whole recovery process, as it finished within hours. For this I would like to thank Recover Data Windows Recovery Tool only ! "

I am a Windows user and with the change in workstation I started working on Linux OS. Then only I realized the huge difference between these two platforms. While Microsoft Windows presents a user friendly interface, the Linux is hard to use for beginners. And that is why the Windows OS, introduced in 1985, a year after introduction of Mac OS, captured more than 90 % of global market share.

New upcoming editions of Windows gradually became more friendly with the end user. The popularity of new editions can be proved by the Windows 7 and Windows XP users, which constitute the more than 70% of global users. While Windows 7 has more than 50% users, Windows XP is on number two with approximately 21% users.

I appreciate Windows 7 for its multi-touch compatibility, updated task bar, home networking as well as improvements in its performance. After that Windows 8 was introduced on October 28, 2012, which was especially designed for convenience for touch interactions on touch-based devices, such as tablet, all-in-one PCs; facilitating better social networking etc.

The Windows OS was basically designed for the ease-of-use of single-user without any network, but with the trend of Internet, we  cannot imagine life without network. Hence, security features become essential, while we are having PCs for multiple users too. A huge number of virus attacks were reported, which raised the question of security for the most popular OS platform.

Although Microsoft creates security patches through regular as well as critical updates for various versions, safety remains the main concern. Virus attack, physical damage and logical errors can damage the stored data in OS. To overcome the problem, a number of Windows Recovery tools are available in the market. Out of all, the Recover Data Tools delivers the best application for recovery and repair. Visit the site and download the user friendly Windows recovery tool online. Easy implementation, swift recovery and assured complete revival are the foremost features overall. I really enjoyed the whole recovery process, as it finished within hours. For this I would like to thank Recover Data Windows Recovery Tool only!
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Thursday, 19 December 2013

How to recover the system without having any recovery drive?
 " There are many computer vendors, who are coming up with new Personal Computer Systems, which do not have any recovery disks to restore the lost Operating Systems data. Even the computers with optical drives, do not contain the restore disks."

Thanks to Windows 8 from Microsoft, which carries two novel features, Refresh and Reset. Both the buttons are tremendously useful, as they eliminate the need for recovery drive.

By just clicking on the tab reinstalls Windows with all the programs and settings. This is the best way to troubleshoot a flaky system. While Reset wipes and reinstalls the OS with all new output. 

However, in case the system is not booting, it's good that we create an  empty disk or flash drive recovery tool for Windows.

Let's see how:
  • Start Windows
  • Write Recovery
  • Select Settings
  • Select to generate a recovery drive
  • Now select the option to copy the partition from PC to recovery drive
  • Press Next
  • The capacity for back up will be prompted and the drive will be created
  • By inserting a disc and clicking to generate a system repair DVD or CD
  • Follow the steps to finish the procedures
  • Provide a new name to the disc or drive and place it aside for future need
The above process is lengthy and cumbersome, therefore it becomes hard to implement for beginners. Henceforth, a third party Windows Data Recovery Software with highly interactive feature can make the recovery procedures simple and fast, even for non-technical people.

The simple steps for Windows Data recovery
  • Download the link
  • Install the software
  • Run the scan
  • Preview the files
  • Restores the files in the selected path
Thenceforth, the simple recovery mechanism with complete recovery and restoration makes the Windows recovery application the best for any Windows editions.

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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

What is the best way to get back my Outlook mails?
" I know that I am an alert user and take regular backup of my OST files, but think of the situation, when I came back from a long vacation and found my Inbox totally empty. I could just say oh my God! What will I do now? "

Then suddenly something knocked in my mind and I checked the previous profile of the Outlook email client. To do that I followed the smooth steps:
  • Log in to the previous profile in offline mode
  • Click on Tools and then Services
  • Add a PST service to generate PST files
  • Choose the emails to copy
  • Paste in to create new PST files
  • Press OK to get the job done

It is also possible to drag-and-drop the files to its destination. Thank God! I got back all the lost emails on the spot, but sometimes it happens that the user profile gets deleted too. Then the only solution left is to restore the system to the earlier point.

How to restore Outlook to an earlier point:
  1. Start Programs->Accessories->System Tools
  2. Click on System Restore->Choose to restore to an older time
  3. Press Next and go to the last point of restoration from the listed options
  4. Again click Next to begin the restoration

Afterwards, you can start Outlook and work offline with the old files. Withal, if you also have forgotten the point to restore, then there is no choice, but to use a third party tool for recovery. The online tools are easy to use for any novice, while the above procedures are tedious enough for a non-technical person. In such situations, I must advise you to check an authentic OST TO PST conversion tool for emails, because these are swift in implementation and recovery procedures. In addition, they guarantee to recover all the lost or corrupt emails, even if severely damaged.

Browse various sites to check the authenticity of the product and website. The licensed product with specialization in recovery can really justify the job. Recover Data OST TO PST Converter Software is one at all for recovery, conversion and restoration. The company software is awarded as the best by many shareware sites and recovery specialists. The Recover Data Tools is the largest producer of data recovery software and has shown its worldwide presence.

Features of the Recover Data OST TO PST TOOL
  1. Compatible with the newest Windows and Outlook editions
  2. 100% recovery of files
  3. Complete conversion of OST files
  4. Advanced recovery algorithms
  5. Ease of use and swift implementation
  6. Repairs damaged OST files
  7. Recovers emails, documents, journals, appointments
  8. Special recovery of email details, such as date, subject, To, From etc. 

Apart from the features given above, there are many more functions you can explore, while trying the demo edition of the tool. Free Trial software displays the recovery and conversion procedures without any interference. Cost-effective and Festival offers save you a lot. Whether it's Christmas or New Year or any other occasion, be prepared to get more in less!

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Friday, 13 December 2013

" Access is a user friendly Microsoft database, which can be used for software development as well. The database files show links through various keys, which lessens the recurrence of data."
A lot of information is stored in files, but they are not connected with each other and there is a lot of data repetition as well. To avoid such vagueness, the database is maintained. Access is a user friendly Microsoft database, which can be used for software development as well. The database files show links through various keys, which lessens the recurrence of data.

Suppose I want to update my phone number in various files, which are in the form of tables containing rows and columns. In general, I have to write same in thing in various rows and columns. However while using the MS Access database, I updated the information in one place and the other tables got updated through links between them.

Now, let's explore different objects of the database, such as queries, forms, table and reports:
  • Tables
    Information is stored in tables.
  • Queries
    It is used to retrieve data from the tables.
  • Forms
    It is used to enter, view and update the table information.
  • Reports
    It is used to analyse, display and print the information in a particular layout.
Hence, data storage, retrieval, update and analysis becomes an easy task with the use of the Access Database System. The queries are simpler than the other database applications and the reports are more detailed and interactive than the counterparts.

How do the Objects of the Access database play a vital role in data management?

Table relationships define the shape of various objects like query, form and report. A table contains one kind of information, while the other is filled with different sorts of data. The relationships are based on various keys, such as the unique customer id of a table record can relate the sale table, product table etc. The interdependencies of data help in analyzing information through reports.

Retrieves specific data from multiple tables to meet the user requirements. Let's assume that I want to know the phone numbers of my colleagues, who reside in Hong Kong. One table is contains phone number and the other with address. The query will bring the name, unique identification number and a phone number from one table as well as address from another. Henceforth, delivers the list of all the colleagues residing in Hong kong.

Update one row in a go and retrieve data from different tables to display in a form layout view, which can contain pictures and buttons to automate tasks.


The reports present quick analysis of data for various purposes:

  • For creation of labels for mailing
  • For showing total inside a chart
  • For displaying total calculation
Therefore, now I really am convinced to use an Access database for storage. It simplifies the operations with the help of mentioned objects.

Despite of safety features, the database is prone to data loss and corruption. Hence an Access repair tool is needed to recover and repair the database files. The tool ensures complete and swift recovery in simple steps. Recover Data
Access File Recovery Software is awarded as the best tool by various shareware sites and recovery Gurus. Henceforth, it's my advice to try the tool by downloading free edition. Check the application and then go for the full edition, which restores the lost or corrupt files.

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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Apparently, data or information is considered to be one of the pivotal elements, which determines various aspects. With the digitization, we have catch up the pace of the fast moving world, and that's the reason computer has replaced the paper work. All the kind of data, such as employees' information, strategic charts, quotations, projects, personal information, we generally save on our computer's hard drive as it is easy to sort, manage, and remember. Although, invention of PC’s has made our life versatile and easy-going, the fact, that it has some gray sides as well, can't be concealed. On the contrary, the files saved on your computer's hard drive may go away with the impedance of some untoward factors, like malicious application incursion, power spikes, abrupt system failure, hard drive crash, operating system malfunctions, and so on.

However, this unfortunate situation can be reciprocated by using Recover Data's data recovery software. The leading company provides best proprietary to address data loss or data inaccessibility circumstances. You can opt for the software that is compatible with your requirements. If the data is lost due to damage or corruption in NTFS partitions, you need to pick a NTFS data recoverysoftware. This NTFS data restoration tool will fix all the errors in order to bring your deleted or missing data back. The software uses a very high-quality techniques that first runs a quick scan of the affected partition to locate the lost data. After the scan, all the files (found during the scan)
are displayed, following a legible formatting. Later, by proving a desired path, data can be restored.

The avant-grade technology equipped, Recover Data's software are capable of turning all the impossible tasks into a achievable task. The designing and GUI of the software is presented in a way that even a layman can operate it without seeking help. Apart from this, Recover Data provides  a test edition of the software. This test version is a twin edition of the licensed version with an only limitation of file saving feature. After only getting convinced, you can invest into its full edition to avail complete accessibility.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

"Email Conversion? Actually, this is what tech savvies are looking nowadays. Be it an organization or a home user, everyone has its set priorities, which helps them taking right decision at the right moment. Unlike other email clients"

, MS Outlook and Lotus Notes are the two most recommended email platforms used by humongous organizations – including thousands of home users. Both of these emailing platforms are different in their structure as well as functionality. MS Outlook is compatible with MS Exchange Server, whereas Lotus Notes is compatible with Domino Server. It is difficult to figure out that which email client rules the chart as both of them are immaculate in their performances. But, they can be easily categorized in terms of – usage, interface, features, maintenance cost, compatibility, and so on. As per the recent scenario, most of the organizations are  switching from Lotus environment to Outlook environment.
A reason for shift could be due to one of the aforementioned factors, or other then this. No matter, what is the cause for migration is – importantly, caution is required to attempt such migration process. For this, myriad third party NSF to PST converters are available online, which claims themselves to be hassle-free, risk-free as well as result-confound utility. Choose the one, which is effective and best suits your requirements. A robust technology based email converter performs conversion of NSF files to PST files fastidiously, and that too without affecting the integrity of the email files and folders. A prudent NSF to PST tool also allows its users to take backup of the currently configured NSF files, and supports various languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and so on. Moreover, a rich UI is offered, which makes users comfortable to give green signal to the software to accomplish the conversion chore swiftly. Entire nsf database is shifted to PST – including, notes, attachments, and calendars.

The most stupefying and world's no#1 email converter available today is Recover Data's NSF to PST software. This brilliant software has its own way and exceptional techniques to perform conversion. Entire conversion process is well-managed, irrefutable and fluent. Till date no other conversion tool has dare to beat its efficacy and accuracy. Simultaneous conversion of multiple nsf files is processed by the software in just a single click. Notably, free demo is also available, which allows users to essay software capability. Demo gives complete preview of the converted nsf database into Outlook, however, file saving option has been kept as a constraint in the demo version.

Once getting complacent with the product performance, a user can invest into its licensed edition.

Have a risk-free, relaxed, and swift conversion process and resume your work to touch the new heights of success.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Do you know how a virus can create mayhem at the workstation, or can kick your business data into dustbin? Perhaps, we cannot deny the fact that all of us are taking advantage of technology to the extreme extent. In fact, this booming technology has bring our life to luxury and comfort by allowing us to accomplish any chore with the blink of eyes. That's the reason why almost all the organizations and youths have become technology driven; and managing their confidential or personal data on their computers or laptops. However, a sudden virus infiltration can give you a feel that you never had that data on your system, I mean it will kick your data out of the way from where you can never think of getting it back.

There is a long list for malwares, which can actually cause severe data loss, such as viruses, Trojan Horses, root kits, spyware, worms, etc. An early detection and awareness of the malwares will help preserving your important files and folders. Though, an efficient Anti-virus can help you fixing the issue. However, it is not essential that the security measures which you have deployed in your PC are combatant to conquer the situation, hence data loss is possible. 
As per Mr. John Dewey - “A problem well put is half solved.” Thus, an immaculate way to bring your lost data back – is to employ an effective data recovery software. Undoubtedly, technological progress has  provided us with more efficient means to conquer crestfallen factors. Diverse range of data salvage programs are available, which ensures recovery of deleted or missing data.
One of the highly recommended advanced data recovery software provider is “Recover Data Tools”. One can select the desired recovery software for his operating system. In addition, the company prefers open deal, I mean you can first install the demo edition of the software to peek software functionality, features as well as you can measure compatibility of the desired software with your system. If find the software complacent-deal, one can get its full edition to avail full functionality.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Data is observed as the most critical element of an organization or corporate. With the steep growth in the technology, most of the businesses have switched from direct marketing to Internet marketing.

This shift in the focus has certainly benefited both businesses and consumers vice -a- versa. Be, it a big or a small organization all the data, such as employee details, assigned work, projects, directories, MIS report, financial reports, and many more is managed and stored in computer's hard drive. Apparently, every sort of action has become data dependent. However, a situation may interrupt where you can lose your critical data stored in your computer's hard drive due to sudden hard drive failure, or operating system flaw. This crestfallen situation may take your business obscure, or lists losses.

Craving for a solution? To bump this awful situation, well - a data salvage system proves fruitful. A data recovery software is the creativity and innovation of experts to deal with dire user requirements. These recovery applications are built on comprehensive formula's, derived after extensive mathematical calculations, operating system analysis, partitions functionality, and many more. Anyone can get these uniquely designed utilities available online. You can Google it by using keywords like 'data recovery software', 'file recovery software', best data recovery software etc. List of multiple recovery tools of different brands will be displayed by the search engine. As per the modern studies, a best data recovery software is the one, which covers all the scenarios, from which a user can lose his important data, such as virus intrusion, hardware formatting, partition damage, bad sectors, system re installation /up gradation, etc. Moreover, they are friendly in their occurrence and allows users to carry forward the recovery operation in simple steps with no prior technical training.

Choosing among the myriad is quite difficult, but not an impossible chore. To figure out, a felicitous recovery software – the apt way is to download the freeware of the available software, as most of the organizations are  providing trial versions to give user a reason to 'why to select their software' to accomplish the desired task.

Get the advanced data recovery software to defy such critical losses to enjoy uninterrupted business environment.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Email conversion utilities are designed to recover deleted or missing email files lost due to virus attacks, power related issues, file size errors etc. These sophisticated email recovery applications are developed using advanced technology. The capability of recovering files depends on the effectiveness of the software. Recover Data for OST to PST converter is the one such software that covers a wide range of data loss or corruption scenarios. This software is attached with relatively high end features and algorithms than the other existing conversion tools available on the internet. The software successfully repairs the OST files corrupted or damaged due to any of the devastating factors. 

This unique email conversion program has ability to convert encrypted, orphaned or password locked email files to Outlook without affecting the integrity of the email files. This converter maintains the original formatting of the OST files throughout the conversion task. It recovers offline folder including attachments, journals, to do list, tasks, appointments, calendars, contacts etc. Conversion of unlimited email files to Outlook is possible with the help of this stupendous converter. Users need to put their efforts in handling this powerful converter as it is fully automated and does not require any special technical skills for getting operational.

  • Download and Install the software on your system
  • Browse the OST files for recovery
  • Preview the repaired OST files
  • Select the desired files and folders
  • Assign the path and save them at the desired location

Free demo edition of this email conversion utility is available to prove the potential of the software without charging a single penny from the users. The demo version gives complete preview of the converted OST files in PST in a hierarchal format. If you are able to view your files that you’re looking for, and are convinced with the recovery process, you can download the full edition to save the previewed files.