Saturday, 12 September 2015

Hard Disk is just like the heart of computer system, when your hard drive does not work properly. You will not be able to perform any work on the system. There are many instances in which the hard drive data get lost & become inaccessible such as virus attacks, MFT corruption, BIOS error, Installation of malware infected files from the Internet, inserting the dirty pen drive, mechanical damage to the hard drive, power failure, abrupt system shutdown, etc. In such situations when your Hard drive data is inaccessible and unreadable we require an effective and time saving solution.

However, there are a wide variety of data recovery software are available in the market for recovering data from hard disk but to choose the best data recovery software is a herculean task. An end user can search the best data recovery software through many ways.

1.Searching on top search engines with keywords like best data recovery software for recovering data from hard disk or top rated data recovery software for Windows, etc.
2.Testing data recovery software about how fast data is recovered and how much data is recovered using particular data recovery software.
3.Compare Cost of different data recovery software for windows and buy accordingly.

After performing all the important function related to research on best data recovery software for hard drive I have found that Windows Data Recovery Software is a perfect and best solution.
Intuitive software will efficiently recover data from all situations of data loss whether data is lost due to logical or physical failure, it can be easily recovered. This software is a well designed program which safely and securely recovers data from corrupted, formatted and deleted partition of hard disk.

It is a simple and quick process of recovering data of hard disk using Windows Data Recovery Software.

A user has to download the software on the system then execute the installation procedure. After doing all that you will have to select the right recovery mode from four recovery modes according to the type of the data to be recovered. Suppose you have selected the Quick scan mode. Then the software will provide the list of partition in the hard disk. Before selecting any partition, a user should have knowledge about the location of lost data so that recovery process can be performed on that partition. Now select the corrupted partition of the hard disk. Thereafter software search for the missing files and folders from the disk. Then a preview of the lost files and folder appears on the screen. In the last step the software saves the recovered files and folders to a location provided by the user.

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  1. Great points here. Sometimes, accidents happen, and you lose very important data. It's crucial that you know how to get it back! Thanks for sharing this guide.