Thursday, 25 June 2015

Windows Operating System files and folders are essential for everyone. But rarely, computer system data and information are damaged due to spontaneous factors which are very catastrophic for our data. For these kind of corruption or deletion Recover Data designed overwhelming tool. With the help of this tool you can smoothly recoup corrupted data within couple of minutes.

If your data deleted from your computer system then how to retrieve your lost files within couple of steps?
Step 1:- Download free demo edition of Windows Data Recovery Software.

Step 2:- After downloading the tool, you have to install and launch the software on your computer system.

Step 3:- When you open the Windows Data Recovery Software then it shows four methods of recovery:-
  • Quick Recovery
  • Exhaustive Recovery
  • Raw Recovery
  • Disk-Imaging Recovery
You have to select one of them. Which is suitable for you.

Step 4:- After the selection of recovery mode, software shows all computer system drives. And now you can select all and particular drive for repairing data and information. And then click on “Next” button.

Step 5:- Then Windows Data Recovery Software display a preview of all corrupted, deleted and damaged files and folders. If you want to restore your data then click on “Save” button. You can save your repaired files and folders anywhere in computer system.

This is the complete process of recovery from top to bottom. It provides swift recovery without any technical knowledge or skills. It is easily implemented by the new or inexperienced users. It supports all edition of Windows Operating System.

This tool is also helpful in repair those data which is unrecognizable by the Windows Operating system. It supports both file system partitions FAT – File Allocation Table and NTFS – New Technology File System. If your data and information deleted by misstep through Shift + Delete key then you can easily regain your data.

Windows Data Recovery Software is an affordable tool and wrapped with advanced algorithm programming. This software works on latest and new technologies that is GFETCH – Guided File Excavation Technique and BSMR – Bad Sector Management and Recovery. Both technique helps in data recovery from deeply rooted bad sectors.


  1. Great overview of this software. It's important to get your data back if it's lost - and doing so effectively is key. Thanks for sharing!

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