Thursday, 22 May 2014

Try OST to PST Email Converter-the best way to solve all the problems!
How to generate the OST file in a Best Way is given below:
  1. Press the Advanced tab,
  2. Press the Offline Folder File Settings
  3. In the box, type the file path of the .ost file
  4. Enter OK.
Thereafter, to compact the generated file, you must choose the compact now option.

To repair the OST file in Outlook 2013, where OST Integrity checker tool is not included, follow the steps: 
Exit the running Outlook.
1. Double-click on Scanost.exe, located at drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12
2. Select the profile containing the required OST file
3. Connect to the network
4. Select the check box to repair errors
5. Start scanning
6. Start Outlook and open the deleted items folder
7. Now check the repaired files in a message with 'OST Integrity Check' subject

How to delete the OST files in Outlook 2013?

1. Again quit the running Outlook.
2. Start and run on the desktop
3. Enter this path "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Outlook\" on the opened box.
4. Now get the OST file and press on the delete button or icon on the toolbar.

Have you ever pointed out the reason for using the procedures? The major cause is the Outlook limitation, which is dependent on the size of the OST file. If it exceeds the set limit, there will be error. Hence, it's good to use the procedures on timely basis to avoid such errors. However, the persisting problems can be solved with an apt OST to PST tool, which does the required job within minutes by emptying the space at Outlook client. It compresses the folder to fit in the available space.

The OST to PST Email Converter Software is highly interactive in nature, such that a non-learned person can implement with a few clicks of mouse. Based upon advanced algorithms and Guided File Excavation Techniques (GFETCH), the tool aggressively extracts the OST files and converts into PST format. It also compresses the size and save in a desired location.

The OST to PST Email Converter Tool is designed and developed in world-class labs and maintained by the top level technical experts. The software is swift in its process and renders accurate result within minutes. It is available online, so that the corporate user could save her valuable time visiting the vendor shops.

The Outlook Ost to Pst Converter works upon encrypted and password-locked files as well. And, supports multiple languages like Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, etc. The latest tool supports 64-bit Outlook 2013, Exchange 2013, Windows 8.1, and 8. Henceforth, it is a great software for all the data loss problems including Outlook limitation.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Error 0x800ccc90 is a simple but common problem while using the Outlook Express platform. If not resolved on time, then can create serious issues later. The error can turn the account into inaccessible and you will not be able to view the mail nor send them across.

Discover the reasons of 0x800ccc90 Error!

This occurs because of an authentication issue. When the account details have not been authenticated by the server, you receive this error as pop-up message:
“There is an issue visiting your mail server. Your User Title was declined. Account: ‘’, Server: ‘’, Protocol: POP3, Server Response: ‘-ERR’, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 0x800CCC90″.

What causes an authentication issue?
  • Wrong password
  • Factual errors like typo mistakes, font issues, in case the server settings are fixed upon case sensitive option
  • Wrong account settings
  • Difference in  POP3,  IMAP or SMTP settings

Method for fixing the Error 0x800ccc90?

The simplest way to resolve the error is to check the account settings and ensure about the accuracy of the user name and password. Apart, there is no room for typo or any other mistakes. Again, cross-check the addresses of SMTP, POP3, or IMAP settings.

Now, you must cross-check the server settings with the network administrator or mail service host, even if you know it. The error 0x800ccc90 is very much devastating as it makes the whole content of mailbox inaccessible. Thenceforth, we must sort out the problem with care. Your account name should be in this order: 'domain-name\account-name\server-alias'.

To access your account settings, check the Tools menu, go to properties, and the server tab.

The whole procedures take a long time and still have chances of failure. If you want a sure shot success in Outlook Express email recovery, then you must acquire an apt Recovery software, which recovers the lost or corrupt files and restores in the original format. The tool speedily delivers the accurate result.

The Outlook Express Recovery Tool is novice-friendly and based upon Guided File Excavation Techniques, which help to locate the damaged files. With advanced heuristic algorithms you swiftly get the required outcome. Withal, the tool is one in all solution for authentic solution.