Friday, 27 December 2013

 "Why spend a huge amount of money on product insurance of technical gadgets"

About technical gadget insurance
We spend a huge amount of money on product insurance of technical gadgets. The insurance generally doesn't cover the whole amount and is prone to many loopholes. There are two types of insurance, one is the home content Insurance and the other is gadget insurance. However, the home content covers damages inside the home premises only, whereas gadget insurance covers  damages outside the house as well.  In addition, there are so many terms and conditions to follow.

The damage conditions of technology products

I remember when I was sitting in a restaurant and my soup spilled over the laptop, then I was not refunded the home content insurance money as it was damage outside the house. Therefore, I took a lesson not to buy any gadget or home content insurance, as my friends and colleagues also faced the same scenario by paying extra money at the end. Henceforth I analyzed the situation and tried to bring a holistic solution to the problem. 

Most of the situations of damages include water or any type of food or liquid contact, which results in severe damage to the saved data. We try to clean the porridge and wipe with dry cloth, while straining the water out with the averted laptop or the tablet computer.  Although there are other situations, such as voltage fluctuation, sudden power cut, data theft, logical error, virus attack and so on, resulting in  data corruption or data loss.

In such conditions a data recovery tool can save you a lot because the application is easy to use and quick in performance too. There are many data recovery websites, which cater to email recovery, file repair, database repair and many more. Out of many we need to choose the one, which suits our requirements.

Why a third party data recovery tool over Product insurance? 

Gita, one of my close friends bought a online data recovery tool and she was so much satisfied that she suggested everyone around to buy that. Thereafter I decided to get the one from an authentic site delivering original and licensed products. There may be various ways to choose the right tool for recovery, but what way I adopted was great and I thank God for that.

How did I find my recovery application? 

I browsed through different company websites and found it interesting to try the demo and then buy. The demo navigated through the recovery procedures, while the full edition restored the data files. For Windows OS recovery I bought the Windows recovery tool, while for Outlook recovery I preferred to get the OST to PST conversion application, which not only recovers, but converts the OST files in PST format.

My friends and I am a satisfied customer of Recover Data products. Recover data Windows data recovery tool and the Recover Data OST to PST email conversion tool are the most popular software worldwide. I am just happy enough to store more data recovery software, rather than buying unpredictable technical gadget insurance. 
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