Thursday, 19 December 2013

How to recover the system without having any recovery drive?
 " There are many computer vendors, who are coming up with new Personal Computer Systems, which do not have any recovery disks to restore the lost Operating Systems data. Even the computers with optical drives, do not contain the restore disks."

Thanks to Windows 8 from Microsoft, which carries two novel features, Refresh and Reset. Both the buttons are tremendously useful, as they eliminate the need for recovery drive.

By just clicking on the tab reinstalls Windows with all the programs and settings. This is the best way to troubleshoot a flaky system. While Reset wipes and reinstalls the OS with all new output. 

However, in case the system is not booting, it's good that we create an  empty disk or flash drive recovery tool for Windows.

Let's see how:
  • Start Windows
  • Write Recovery
  • Select Settings
  • Select to generate a recovery drive
  • Now select the option to copy the partition from PC to recovery drive
  • Press Next
  • The capacity for back up will be prompted and the drive will be created
  • By inserting a disc and clicking to generate a system repair DVD or CD
  • Follow the steps to finish the procedures
  • Provide a new name to the disc or drive and place it aside for future need
The above process is lengthy and cumbersome, therefore it becomes hard to implement for beginners. Henceforth, a third party Windows Data Recovery Software with highly interactive feature can make the recovery procedures simple and fast, even for non-technical people.

The simple steps for Windows Data recovery
  • Download the link
  • Install the software
  • Run the scan
  • Preview the files
  • Restores the files in the selected path
Thenceforth, the simple recovery mechanism with complete recovery and restoration makes the Windows recovery application the best for any Windows editions.

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