Thursday, 30 January 2014

Pen Drive is a small device and has brought revolution in the field of data transfer and storage. After the invention of this device, people feel free to transfer a few GB data from one PC to another. The portability of the pocket device has made it accessible to all the users around the world. With the help of the device, the data is being transferred worldwide. Though, it stores data of various formats comprising audio, video, photo, documents, projects and so on.

Data is prone to corruption and loss due to thousand reasons like physical damage, logical errors, virus attacks, accidental deletion etc. Therefore a recovery tool helps to retrieve the lost files and repair them to a usable format.

Pen drive recovery software is a portable and quick in performance tool, which revives all sorts of data in original format. The tool supports recovery from all the Windows OS editions including Windows 8. Also, supports Windows server 2008 and more. The tool is compatible with both the FAT and NTFS file systems.

Salient features of Pen drive recovery tool 

Free Pen drive Data recovery application is a state-of-the-art tool, which brilliantly restores files from various external storage media to the disk space. The tool has rich graphical interface for easy implementation by any novice. The application recovers files from formatted, deleted or corrupted partitions. The software revives files from broken or overwritten FAT or MFT. In addition, the tool is capable of retrieving unlimited amount of data from the Pen Drive. Last, but not the least, it is an automatic wizard for recovery.

Implementation procedures for Pen drive recovery tool 
  • Connect the Pen drive to the PC
  • Download and install the software 
  • Select the Pen drive as well as mode for recovery
  • Choose the recovered files from preview list
  • Save the files in a preferred location of PC


  1. Deleting or emptying your recycle bin does not mean those files are gone forever. But if you want any hope of getting them back, the sooner you act the better. What you need to do is get a data recovery software. With data recovery software you can scan the lower levels of your hard drive where in many cases the memory remains. Try it out yourself for free at:
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