Thursday, 28 March 2013

Oftentimes, we encounter certain situations when we are in a dire need of some important information, but unfortunately it cannot be accessed. I encountered a similar situation a couple of weeks back. Last week, I was not able to connect with the Exchange server at work place due to some technical issues. According to support people, server went down and had experienced some problem. And, I was in need of some of my really important email data. The only thing I was left with were the .OST files of the same data.

Also, the server issue didn’t seem to get resolve on time. The only option I was left with was to go for a third party repair tool, as my friend suggested that it would be better if I could use a conversion tool for .OST to .PST conversion. I came across this, Recover Data for MS Exchange OST-MS Outlook PST, software on the internet. I purchased it online and downloaded the full edition on my system. It was really easy for me to install the software, all by myself. I am not a hardcore techie and do not take a liking to such tech stuff easily. But this software was really for me easy to use. It had an amazing interactive user interface, which guided me through the entire process.

On completion of installation, I got a dialogue box displayed on my screen which required me to select specific .OST files, from which I wanted to recover my data. I selected the particular files and clicked on “Start” to begin with the process. After the completion of process, I could see a preview of all the contents of recovered files, which were displayed in a tree like structure. I could see the details of a particular file by clicking on it. I was able to successfully recover my important data by conversion of .OST files into .PST files. 

Moreover, this tool can also help you to recover your important data from damaged .OST files by .OST to .PST conversion. I am really happy with the way this conversion tool functions. According to me, it is really great and easy to use OST to PST converter tool. It would also be really easy for me to get hold of my email data, contacts and drafts, if I want to access this email data from a different computer system.   


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